hannsjana (Berlin)

Foto: Marie Weich


hannsjana are a performance collective, a band and they produce performative audio tours. In their complex works they humorously, musically and scientifically penetrate concrete and abstract spaces to make themselves and their audience experienceable and explainable. In her last works hannsjana increasingly dealt with men and their domains. They sold shares in their performance, trained the audience as ornithologists, performed as boy bands and declared car tuning a socially acceptable queer practice.

Project description:


In a performative laboratory that is simultaneously comedy, talk and game show, hannsjana confront the mechanisms of ostracisation within scientific disciplines. Why do comparably few women* study computer science? Which stereotypical and sexist views underlie the formulation ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ disciplines? In a scientific spectacle of empowerment and exchange, Die große M.I.N.T.-Show melts mounting fears and brings expert knowledge back down to earth.

Funded by the Capital City Culture Fund and the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.