Follow Us (Zurich)

Photo: Cynthia Mai Ammann
Photo: Cynthia Mai Ammann


Follow Us (Mira Kandathil & Annina Machaz) are two directors, authors and celebrities from Switzerland. They cause a sensation not only through their extravagant theatre productions, but also through their (almost) viral actions, such as the hashtag “#WirSindBesserAlsCastorf” (#WeAreBetterThanCastorf). They first met during their acting studies at the Bern University of the Arts, won the prestigious Premio Young Talent Award, and toured Europe with their reincarnations of Monroe/Winehouse. In her personal life Machaz is a sought-after avant-garde performer and journalist. Kandathil works privately in cinema/TV and as a doctoral student at the GSA Bern.
“A (…) promise for the (…) future of theatre: (…)” (Tagesanzeiger)
“Great and troubling (…)” (Berner Zeitung), etc.



Inspired by “A Doll’s House”, we will transfer the character of Nora into retirement homes and the present day. In our case there will definitely be many Noras. When do people want to break out of their everyday life? For us, the finale of life seems to be the right place to get to the bottom of this question, and we dive into the world of “senior citizens”. According to the motto: “Nothing to loose & nothing to expect” the performance will be serious as well as cheerful. Everything revolves around a refrigerator: we work with solidification, freezing and variations on how the ice can be melted even in the winter of life…

“Nora oder ein Altenheim” is supported by Stadt Zürich Kultur.