Mobile Albania (Bremen / Frankfurt a.M.)

Photo: Mobile Albania
Photo: Mobile Albania


Mobile Albania is a shifting area, whose rules and regulations are created according to place, time and participants. With an old bus, a wooden roller donkey and other absurd companions, it has been travelling roads, cities and regions in Germany and Europe since 2008, developing three-dimensional walk-in performances between theatres and the world. The forms of work were developed from being on the move: analog, improvised and welcoming. Mobile Albania produces spontaneous assemblies and develops its themes from encounters. The work revolves around the question of how mobility and acceleration contribute to social segregation and what this means for everyday political and social life in communities and cities.


The transport plane from La Paz is late. We wait and fly over the news of the day: A container ship has stranded in the North Sea and lost its cargo. Plastic ducks are
in the Maldives. Malaysia now imports 100 million tons of German plastic waste. Deutsche Post is urgently looking for employees. Karl Lagerfeld is dead. We are looking forward to the coming freight. Finally the machine approaches. The delivery belt starts.

Mobile Albania opens a mail order business.
Elegant, practical. Clicked – sent!
A package conquers the catwalks of the city.
A cover in many forms. A cover that attracts. A cover that gives space.
A shell that hides something and shows something. See and be seen.
Wrap yourselves up warm.
Your shipment is here.

Supported by the Fonds Soziokultur, the Kulturamt Frankfurt, the Hessische Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst.