Foto: Charlotte Grief
Foto: Charlotte Grief


DIE SOZIALE FIKTION was founded by a group of performers, writers, organizers and DIY artists during their studies at University of Hildesheim. Their processes of artistic creation are organized collectively – in order to develop performances that combine a critique of society with a cheerful analysis of personal contradictions and the collective unconscious: A little bit blurred, a little bit out of place. Performances with less than 300dpi. An invitation to the audience to encounter a shared sense of vulnerability.

Project description:

Anywhere, nowhere. What’s that city’s name again?

DIE SOZIALE FIKTION continues their artistic research into the conditions of living and housing in today’s late capitalism: While wandering though freshly built yet almost deserted housing areas as well as sleeping urban waste lands, we try to get a sense of what the city of the future will look like: Who will be able to live here and which feelings won’t be allowed? Whose future is this?

By doing public interventions and research explorations in the cities of the Freischwimmen-network we collect messages and impressions from high priced ghost towns, performing a tale of tomorrow’s social hot spots: the sleek surfaced ghettos of the rich, haunted by the dream of expropriation.