Riebensahm / Ahmad Haschemi / Hourmazdi / Christians / Schwenk (Berlin)

Photo: Mona Hempel
Photo: Mona Hempel


Aidan Riebensahm works academically and scenically with decolonial and postcolonial theories and strategies. Golschan Ahmad Haschemi is a cultural scientist, consultant for education critical of racism and anti-Semitism, and freelance artist in various collectives. Banafshe Hourmazdi is a performer in theatre and life and an actress in film and television. Marja Christians moves power-critically on and behind the stage, among others with: Isabel Schwenk, who works as a freelance performer and theatre pedagogue.



Cheering and sweating, the performers develop an intersectional-feminist, twelve-excercise event from practices in which they feel like champions:

There’s dance and empathy, solidarity and compliments; in between they breathe and pay tribute to the heroes we have to thank for our knowledge of solidarity. With award ceremonies, video broadcasts and emotionally charged soundtracks, this entertaining sports event takes its course without competitive pressure, taking instead a critical look at the winners’ podium: For whom are positions available there? And who is a festival called “The Future is Female*” actually aimed at? A moving performance in 12 acts that makes you sweat.

Supported by the Capital Cultural Fund, the Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony and the LOTTO Foundation. With the support of Theaterhaus Mitte.